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Delivery in Russia and assembly is paid by manufacturer. In case of installing the telescope abroad the delivery is paid by the Ordering Customer.
Personnel training on the work with the telescope is provided by the Contractor free of charge.
Telescope delivery is provided in 12 months since the conclusion of Contract.
Term of guarantee at least 24 months since the day of signing the acceptance document.
In case of defects appearing due to the manufacturer part, guarantee repair is performed at the expense of manufacturer.

System Characteristics

1. Robotic wide field optical complex is designed for the continuous monitoring of sky and observations of selected objects.
2. Rate of sky survey - at least 540 sq. deg. per night.
3. Depth of survey 21st magnitude in the moonless night.
4. Accuracy of objects angular position measurement less than 0.3 arcsec.
5. Photometric accuracy: better than 0.1 for 19th magnitude objects, better than 0.01 for 14th magnitude objects.
6. Processing of images is performed in the real time mode, results of observations are available in internet.
7. Control remote (via WWW) and fully autonomous operation.